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Complete list of Army Unit Citations 1960-1987
Exact Unit Citation entitlement for the Avel units is very confusing to say the least. Because they were provisional units the records and detailed assignments were fragmented and incomplete.  No details are provided as far as citations or details of each award. It appears that every Army unit is entitled to the Vietnamese Gallantry Cross Unit Citation. That award has a gold frame and is worn on the right side. It is not an individual award.
Details are listed below of the unit citations awarded to the various Avel units and the units they were attached to during the Vietnam war. Much of the entitlement depends on how your orders read. My orders all state that I was assigned to the 165thTransportation Company and attached to Avel. That being the case, I am entitled to the awards to the 165th.  Seem confusing? It is.
I have also posted the Marine Corps Unit Cictation Register as many vets had dual service. I have the Air Force Unit Citation Register in paper form and will look up units for you. Email me. Navy Unit Citations are online. Email me for link.
Jack McCabe

Army Unit Citations 1960-1987

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