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"The Walk To The Vietnam Wall" by Brigitta Parish
A poem by Brigitta Parish

"The walk to the Vietnam Wall "

I watched them at the wall, as they walked together, proud and tall .

To honor their fallen comrades etched in stone
to be never forgotten, to be never alone.

The bugler played taps, no sweeter the sound
faces with tears in all eyes could be found.

As a prayer was said, they all bowed their head.

Now leading the way with the most beautiful spray,
they followed the wreath, on this most important day .

It would be placed at the wall,
There it would stand for all.

They had fought together, wanted to stand united at the end
Only to find out it could not be done, as life without them, the years went on.

To touch these names once more as they cry,
They softly say their final goodbye.

Be glad you had known them in their short life, on earth, shared with you
To have lived to strive, for a better tomorrow,
it had been the right thing to do .

Do not feel guilty for their death, for they understood, it had been God' s will to have carried you through.

All this had not been done in vain, even as their young life had to end in such pain.

Courage brought their names to this wall
Courage they endured for all.

40 plus years the war had been over, the days passing by
they soberly said their final goodbye.

So etched in stone, may you rest, your brothers in Arms won't forget

tocome again, to pay their respect .

Sleep on, Soldier, let the angels watch over you in heaven above,
be assured once more you have all of your Vietnam Veterans love.

They came to with you a final farewell, as they remember each one of you well.

All these men that came here today.
To the end of their life's, in their heart you will stay.

The wall is long and black,
once more to honor only you
they came back.

This day was a " Welcome Home " for you and them at this wall.

So carry on my " Fallen comrades, my friends , my brothers”.
Carry on down here at the mall.

Brigitta Parish , 10-20-2013