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SP/4 Michael Moharemoff
Michael George Moharemoff was born on 28 November July 1947 in Detroit, Michigan.  At present the date he entered the Army is not known.  He attended basic training and then was then sent to Ft. Gordon, Georgia to attend Signal School. He began Avionics Communication Equipment Training graduating with the MOS 35L20.
Michael was sent to Vietnam on 25 September 1967 and was assigned to the 14th Transportation Bn., Avel North in Vietnam.  He worked his MOS as an avionics radio repairman.
Michael was killed in an air crash on 20 February 1968.  He was a passenger aboard a 339th Transportation Company Huey, UH-1D #64-13532.  They took off from Nha Trang enroute to Phu Hiep and encountered heavy fog.  While traveling in an area near the Ro Bay Pass the aircraft crashed into the trees and burned.  The crash was reported by local Republic Of Korea troops.  The ROK troops reported that there was a fire and all aboard were dead.  The ROK’s secured the crash site and an Army representative flew out in the morning.  All occupants except the pilot were badly burned.  The pilot managed to crawl away from the crash site and died near a tree.
Michael was buried in Woodmere Cemetery, Detroit, Michigan.
The other people on this ship that died were:
CWO2  Roy Brown Parsons – Aircraft Commander,  339th Transportation Co.
SP/4 George W. Rushing – Crew Chief, 339th Transportation Co. (flying in Pilot’s seat)
SP/5 John Anthony Bafile – 339th Transportation Co.
SP/5 Steven Hernandez – 339th Transportation Co.
SP/4 David N. Valerio – 339th Transportation Co.
SP/4 Ronnie O. Bigelow – 520th Engineer Detachment, 1st Logistical Command
S/Sgt Hurshell H. Gough – 31st CE Squadron, 31st TAC Fighter Wing, 7th Air Force
Major Joseph McGinnis – 532nd S & S Bn., 1st Logistical Command
Civilian W. R. Pettigrew
Civilian C. D. Downs