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Avel Far North


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The information on Avel Far North was provided by John Doherty, Ben Buhay, the book "Vietnam Order Of Battle" (Shelby Stanton) and various web sites.
 The parent organization for Avel Far North was the 58th Transportation Bn. which was part of the 34th General Support Group, USARV.
Avel Far North was formed in Vietnam on 20 February 1968 and activated in April of that year.  It was formed from the Avionics assets of the 143rd Signal Detachment, the 339th Transportation Company (DS), the 335th Transportation Company (DS) and the 610th Transportation Company (DS).  It's first commander was Major Charles W. Verlander.  It was headquartered in Da Nang. 
The mission of Avel Far North was to provide Avionics direct, back-up and general support maintenance for all Army aircraft in Military Region I.  The unit consisted of Company Headquarters and three platoons.  Headquarters and 1st Platoon were located at Camp Viking, Red Beach, Da Nang.  2nd Platoon was located at Chu Lai and 3rd Platoon was originally located on the Da Nang runway (with the 138th Aviation Company) and then in December they were relocated to Phu Bai.
Avel Far North was redesignated as the 263rd Light Equipment Maintenance Company (LEM) per General Order 726 USARPAC, dated 8 October 1969 with an effective date of 1 December 1969.  It had a compliment of 4 Officers, 4 Warrant Officers and 155 Enlisted Men.  Major Norman R. Gill was the first commander of the 263rd LEM.
The second platoon of the 263rd in Chu Lai was attached to the 335th Transportation Company.  The 335th had some avionics soldiers on their roster that worked with the 263rd (Avel far North).
The 263rd folded the colors and was officially deactivated on 1 April 1972.